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If you are looking for Sarcoidosis natural treatment options that are backed by science, effective and tested by real people you can reach out to…you’ve finally found it!

After my husband went through a 5 year battle with Sarcoidosis I was EXTREMELY motivated to prevent other families from having to be thrown into the “Medical Gauntlet” & go through the damage of this disease alone.  Thus we spent the next 5 years becoming medical investigators to figure out what is really working to help the body overcome Sarcoidosis.

For us the erosion of life happened slowly.  The diagnosis came in 2004 but the disease was rearing it’s ugly head long before that.  After 3 years of medical treatment he felt like he knew more than his 5 Dr.s did & was physically worse than when he was first diagnosed. Please know that I do not blame I just speak openly about our journey because I believe your health depends on it.

By 2007 we found ourselves stressed, overcome with worry, financially strapped & searching for answers.  The toll this disease took on our family both physically and financially inspired us (really, forced is a better word) to learn more about complementary and alternative medicine.  The importance of eating foods that naturally repress Tumor Necrosis Factor and other cytokines known to trigger the progression of granulomas.  Natural ways to relieve severely aching joints and chronic coughing and most of all, cutting edge tests that are non-invasive & 1/10th the cost of radioactive CT scans etc. and thus the Education Beats Medication total wellness series was created for those like us who want to live a better quality of life.


Get 3 chapters, 1 audio and start thinking outside the prescription with us.

Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Yields Results:

sarcoidosis natural treatment

You see, Jack was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2004.  We gave traditional Allopathic treatment 3 years and finally came to the place where the erosion of 6 medications was too great.   What was left of his health we wanted to preserve & felt that multiple medications & possible surgery would only further complicate his quality of life.  You should also be aware that he was in stage 2 and the earlier you start implementing a healthy lifestyle the better your results will be.

After 18 months of complete commitment to natural healing he has remained in remission for over 4 years!  We share all of these holistic health practices in our Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series & 20% of every purchase goes to Sarcoidosis Association Really Cares Foundation to support people with Sarcoidosis.

This eBook/audio series details our journey on the path from sickness to health, complete with Sarcoidosis diet, recipes & alternative options not yet offered by main stream medicine.  Everything is backed by scientific research & it comes with 10 exclusive audio interviews with functional medicine experts, naturopaths, neurological specialists, food intolerance experts, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, chiropractors and more! So you are empowered to make your own health care decisions.

The book is 182 pages of jam packed education for people with chronic inflammatory diseases…specifically Sarcoidosis.  Here are a few examples of the suggestions you will learn much more about in the total wellness series.

Some Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Steps To Take:

sarcoidosis dietDiet:  I don’t like the word diet, I’d rather say “eating healthy” but everyone relates.  So the 3 most important things you can do with your diet are…

1.  Trade white sugars in for honey, molasses, stevia, maple syrup.  Sugar causes tons of inflammation in the body, will complicate Sarcoidosis and those who are on prednisone will thank themselves for getting rid of white sugars!  Really!

2.  Eliminate as much wheat as possible.  If you are not ready to go 100% wheat/gluten free then exchange the white bread for 100% whole grain.  If pasta is your weakness consider using rice pasta or get really adventurous and go for Quinoa, Teff or Millet instead. (NOTE: I am not a beleiver that everyone has wheat sensitivity, I simply feel that white flour and enriched products are NOT what the body needs and do cause underlying inflammation which we MUST decrease to really fight the symptoms and progression of Sarcoidosis.)

3. Enjoy all the apples, onions, garlic, tumeric, green tea, tart cherry juice, ginger, you want.  These are all wonderful whole foods with tons of health benefits but for those with Sarcoidosis they have been scientifically proven to repress 2 cytokines; TNF-a & IFN-y.  These 2 cytokines have been linked to the development of noncaseating granulomas (Sarcoidosis).  Not to mention these foods will help replenish Vitamin C, D, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, selenium & zinc the prednisone robbing you of.  Don’t freak out…I address Vitamin D, Calcium and hypercalcemia in my total wellness series so be sure to get it.  We all need vitamin D to survive.  It is responsible for over 2,000 biological functions and there are ways to make sure your body is getting enough, but not too much.  I share the key in my book & audio series.

Exercise For Sarcoidosis:

sarcoidosis booksExercise:  You don’t have to be a marathon runner but you do need to MOVE!  I know all too well that having a respiratory disease makes it more than difficult to get a good workout in but you need to do what you can to move at least 30 minutes a day.

Bounce on a rebounder, take a walk around the block, do yoga, get a hoola hoop, ride a bicycle.

NOTE: Take it easy on yourself.  Moving is the mission.  A steady pace, keeping your heart rate elevated for 20+ minutes is preferred.  Mild to moderate, not strenuous.

Relax & Get Rid Of Inflammation:

Another Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment option to consider (all of these are more are included in the wellness series) is a castor oil pack.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to drink the stuff.)  Castor oil packs have been used for centuries to soften tissue, relieve aches and pain, inflammation and even help with scar tissue, indigestion or compacted colon.

castor oil packsTo make a castor oil pack, you will need the following:

  • High quality cold-pressed castor oil
  • A hot water bottle or heating pad
  • Plastic wrap, sheet of plastic, or plastic garbage bag
  • Two or three one-foot square pieces of wool or cotton flannel, or one piece that is large enough to cover the entire treatment area when folded in thirds
  • One large old bath towel

As with everything else, you must be careful about your source of castor oil. Much of the oil currently sold in stores is derived from castor seeds that have been heavily sprayed with pesticides, solvent-extracted (hexane is commonly used), deodorized, or otherwise chemically processed, which damages beneficial phytonutrients and may even contaminate the oil with toxic agents.

If you found this information helpful you are going to love the complete Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series where we share exactly what Jack has done to remain in remission since 2009 and all that we wish we knew about Sarcoidosis the day he was diagnosed.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

Our hope is that you learn a little, share a lot & reach out if you need a hand.

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