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My husband and I have a passion for supporting the PEOPLE with Sarcoidosis and give 20% of every purchase to 2 organizations which do just that.


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Sarcoidosis Association is a voluntary organisation that was created by individuals who suffer the disease at different levels, who are fully aware of the lack of support and awareness within the public and medical profession restricting sufferers ability to obtain the appropriate care and support theyneed to cope with Sarcoidosis.

It has been set up to provide much needed support for the sufferers, carers and their family and friends, to help them cope with the day to day emotional pressures that they face within society and coping with the disease itself.

Sarcoidosis Association Really Cares“  Martine Caitlan, Founder, our dear friend and single Mom with Sarcoidosis.


The Life and Breath Foundation was founded in 1998 to help support, guide, and inform the many individuals who suffer with the disease as well as supporting the clinical research of Sarcoidosis.

In 1996 Sean Hull, founder of Life & Breath, lost his mother to Sarcoidosis.  This foundation has helped 1,000’s of people with Sarcoidosis, funded research and further awareness.



Every purchase of the Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series supports these organizations in helping those with Sarcoidosis.

Thank You For Giving Back With Us!

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