treating lung diseases

Treating Lung Disease Including Sarcoidosis

Treating Lung Diseases Like Sarcoidosis You will learn and enjoy the information about treating lung diseases like Sarcoidosis and more, shared from Wei Labs in our 2nd Summer Wellness Webinar.  Be sure to get the Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series, for free access to all future webinars and interviews.   If you would like…

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improve breathing

How To Improve Breathing w/ Dr Falk

Learn How To Improve Breathing & Reduce Inflammation Chiropractor & Ironman, Dr Falk teaches us the importance of proper alignment and breathing techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, improve breathing and sleep!  This informational webinar better educates us of the holistic approach to medicine which treats the entire body.  Every organ, tissue etc is connected to…

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sarcoidosis -chronic disease

Sarcoidosis Survival & Success

Suriving Sarcoidosis Webinar Recording This is the recording of the webinar Kristi Falk and I, Dani, did last night.  First I want to apologize for the lag time and many audio interruptions but this is the recording and I can’t do anything about the quality now.  Second, it’s well worth putting up with as this…

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